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Personalized Coaching for Entrepreneurs to gain clarity, manage overwhelm, set meaningful goals, and overcome limiting beliefs hindering success.








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Transformation Programs to help businesses identify and reframe negative thought patterns and develop a growth mindset.








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Embark on an extraordinary journey with Helen and her creation, You, Me and Happiness. What began as a quest to unravel the mysteries of identity and purpose has transformed into a powerful global movement. At You, Me and Happiness, our mission is building a world of happiness for ALL and we start this incredible revolution by empowering visionary leaders and top-tier entrepreneurs.


Are You Ready To Take Charge Of Your Future?

Discover how AI has the potential to shape our lives, and why it's crucial to develop our own systems to thrive alongside this powerful technology. Learn about the transformative power of DNA Upgrades as a solution to unlock your full potential and navigate the AI-driven world with confidence. Don't wait for the future to catch up with you—empower yourself now and shape a future where you're in control.



Therapies & Energy Psychology

Integrative Coaching

Harnessing the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Neurofeedback, EFT Tapping and other natural biohacks, we provide you with proven techniques to enhance your intelligence, expand your awareness, and create lasting change. With Helen as your guide, you'll embark on a transformative experience that will amplify your potential and lead to unparalleled success.

DNA Upgrades

Join our community of seekers and pioneers today, and embark on a path of self-realization, expansion, and extraordinary possibilities. Embrace the power of DNA Upgrades, and unlock the limitless potential that resides within you. Your transformation starts here.

The Complete Guide to Achieving Super Efficiency and Lasting Happiness


Shift Right Now

As a trailblazer in the realm of DNA Upgrades and integrative coaching, I am delighted to provide exceptional services. With unwavering commitment, I bring forth a wealth of expertise in DNA Upgrades and holistic coaching to guide you on your transformative journey. My practice is built on a foundation of personalized care, ensuring that every step of your growth is tailored to your unique needs. I uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, ensuring that you receive the utmost attention and support in your pursuit of personal evolution.


What Others Say

“Other than my Engineering English prof., you are the only female prof. & came out to be the one re-embedding positive vibes in me, that special energy which helped me get rid of nonsense in my mind & helped me concentrate to complete my Karma Marga.”

Sukanta Mitra

CEO ANTS Global GmbH

"Balancing one's energy and then focusing this energy on the good in life is but one of the many key components of this course. An inspirational effort worth investing in!"

David Childerley

EFT expert @davidchilderley.com

"She did a light code upgrade on me and it has been fantastic. Stuff that I am manifesting is coming a lot faster. I can be talking about it in the morning and it can happen in the afternoon. When I do my affirmations, the people attached to that affirmations just start talking to me and messaging me. Before I couldn’t really see the puzzle and now I have less limitations, so thanks Helen!"

Roy McVeigh

Executive Chef/Owner McVeigh Developments

"Helen is very good at her craft. She is an accustomate professional and she’s got all of the building blocks that is necessary to do the job as a coach and practitioner. She possesses the ability to communicate, she has great knowledge and most especially lots of empathy. All of those traits will help develop trust and foster future growth for her clients. I would recommend her highly."

Mark Bodanza

Attorney / Author & Historian

“A day later I received a cheque I didn't expect. Then I went to do groceries and at the check-out, I had somehow accumulated points I was not aware of and paid a fraction of the bill. My sex life, the same day after my first session with Helen and for 3 days after I was so 'horny', hehe, even my husband wondered what was going on. I recommend you work with Helen, you won't be disappointed!”

Renata Clarke-Gray


"I eventually resigned after 1 weeks notice, because I realised my mental health was worth more than any job!" This has helped me to get out of a truly terrible situation, soon as I got into the right space, into a much better one, and I truly do thank Helen for her part in this growth. She is an inspiration and a gift to everyone who encounters this wonderful human and her coaching."

Nina Randleff-Rasmussen

Make-Up Artist

"Helen has a very unique way of calming yourself down by guided spiritual practice. I was able to sit and concentrate and normally my brain is very active, especially in the morning. Helen was able to bring my brain waves down to a level where I could really look inside myself. Not only was it fun, but it was a very interesting exercise because I was now able to look inside myself and visualize where I wanted to go, visualise what blockages I may occur along the way. It was very powerful, seek out Helen she’s an expert at this!"

Rob Sweerman

High Performance Coach Austin TX

"I've been utilising reprogramming of the subconscious mind as Helen taught me for nearly 6 weeks now and the results have been amazing! Work, health, family, fitness, finances THINGS ARE SHIFTING!"
"I then had an unexpected source of money that came to me at the perfect time through work last night which was a beautiful unexpected blessing. I almost lost track of time and what day it is as so much has happened since we last spoke Helen a very condensed 2-3 days worth of challenging and uplifting experiences"

Justin Ropiha

Peace Officer

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